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Welcome to Schaefers Law Group, where you, our client, come first.  Serving you is our privilege, not our right. We know you have many lawyers to choose from.  So we strive each and every day to earn and keep your trust. With our commitment to smart, honest, tough, and professional representation, you will find no better value than Schaefers Law Group.

Our service areas and experience are wide and deep.  We have handled cases and transactions for companies of all shapes and sizes, from multinational insurance and pharmaceuticals organizations to the local dry cleaners.  We’ve represented billionaires, indigents and everyone in between. We are not afraid to take cases to trial, and would rather do that than driving up your cost with needless discovery and protracted motions.  Bottom line, no matter the size of your company or pocketbook, we intelligently and unwaveringly aim to get you, our client, the result you want at the price you need.

Practice Areas

Business Litigation
Non-compete Enforcement and Litigation
Employee Departures and Compensation Litigation
Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
Business Ownership and Management Agreements and Disputes
Real Estate Litigation
Banking and UCC Litigation
Commercial Collections
Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) and Injunctions
Cyber-Fraud and Email/Text Hacking and Abuse
Arbitrations and Mediations
Outside General Counsel and Registered Agency

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